Quality Assurance

II Effectiveness

qualitycontrolIt is Insulations, Inc.’s company policy to provide “zero defect” products and services to our customers. You can view Insulations, Inc.’s Commitment to Quality here signed by our president David Branton.

Insulations, Inc. developed and implemented a Quality Assurance Program in order to accomplish this goal and document our best business practices, better satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers and improve the overall management of our company.

Insulations, Inc.’s Quality Assurance Program is patterned after ISO 9000. ISO 9000 is internationally recognized. It’s a collective standard for operating a business in a manner that provides quality assurance for goods and services and provides an environment for improvement. It addresses the design, development, production, installation and servicing of a company’s product.

Our manual is divided into twenty-two (22) Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs. Each SOP begins with a defined scope to express the objective of the procedure and continues on with application and responsibilities. This is then followed by specific information pertaining to the procedures that describe the methods used to implement the necessary requirements.

The manual is used internally to guide our employees through the various requirements of standard operating procedures that must be met and maintained in order to ensure customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and provide the necessary instructions that create an empowered work force.

It is used externally to introduce our Quality Program to our customer and familiarize them with the controls that have been implemented and to assure them that the integrity of the Quality Assurance Program is maintained and focused on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

The implementation of our Quality Assurance Program is essential to the proper operation of all phases of our work. As our standard operating procedures stand independent, they require each other to form a complete system. Standard Operating Procedures should be read in their entirety and utilized as required to ensure perpetuation of company quality standards.
A complete copy of the manual can be provided upon request either thru our Client Login portal or on CD by mail. Contact us here.

Quality Standard Operating Procedures
SOP #1 Management Responsibility
SOP #2 Quality System
SOP #3 Contract Review
SOP #4 Design Control (Heat Tracing)
SOP #5 Document and Data Control
SOP #6A Purchasing – Vendor
SOP #6B Purchasing – Subcontractor
SOP #7 Control of Customer Supplied Product
SOP #8 Product Identification and Traceability
SOP #9 Process Control
SOP #10 Inspection and Testing
SOP #11 Control of Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment
SOP #12 Inspection and Test Status
SOP #13 Control of Non-conforming Product
SOP #14 Corrective and Preventative Action
SOP #15 Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation and Delivery
SOP #16 Quality Records
SOP #17 Internal Quality Audits
SOP #18 Training
SOP #19 Servicing (Not Applicable)
SOP #20 Statistical Techniques
SOP #21 Continuous Improvement
SOP #22 Customer Focus


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