” I would like to take this opportunity to commend you, your site manager and the entire Insulations, Incorporated organization for the outstanding work you have performed here on the Major Expansion Project… Insulations, Incorporated has expended more than one million man-hours here on site with an impressive safety record. Your logistics planning and execution has been nearly flawless. ”

– Site construction manager of a major refining company

” Insulations, Inc. exhibited a ‘can-do’ attitude throughout a project that was challenged by two hurricanes and a tough insulation schedule. The attention and commitment to safety, housekeeping, quality, team work and being responsive made dealing with Insulations, Inc. a good experience. ”

– From a project manager on a refinery project

” Insulations, Inc.’s team worked well … on a fireproofing scope that more than doubled in work hours. Your ability to staff the fireproofing work with skilled craftsmen and meet schedule commitments was impressive. ”

– From a site manager on a refinery project

” II has been one of the most cooperative Subcontractors that I have ever worked with on any project. In addition, the quality of II’s insulation and fireproofing work on this project has been excellent, especially with the meticulous and difficult ties with installing cryogenic insulation. ”

– From a construction director for a major engineering & construction firm

” Insulations, Inc. was requested to become part of our team and agreed to participate in this program under less than ideal circumstances with a demanding schedule that had a fixed end date. Your management’s ability to mobilize on short notice with a team dedicated to quality and safety set a standard for others to follow. The insulation work was critical path peaking in January and at times was performed around the clock, seven days a week without a recordable incident. The safety performance realized by Insulations, Inc. on this project is unparalleled. The attention to detail was never lacking even as the workload increased. ”

– From a project manager on a LNG project

” The repairs were executed in a way that we like to see, performance under the radar; i.e. things were going so well that it seemed like we were not even there; no hassles, no worries, and more importantly no major safety issues – all the while staying ahead of schedule. Please view this letter as my sincere appreciation for the amount of hard work and dedication that has been put into this round the clock endeavor. We appreciate your partnership on this project and look forward to future association on others. ”

– From a senior project construction manager on a hydrogen project


” Insulations, Inc. has a solid reputation for quality installations of IIG products. We are proud to be associated with this contractor. Insulations, Inc. is one of our preferred contractors, one that takes advantage of our terms and conditions. ”

– Industrial Insulation Group, LLC

” Insulations, Inc. has been purchasing and installing Pittsburgh Corning products for over three decades with an excellent record of success. In addition to being a large quality insulation contractor, Insulations, Inc. is an Authorized Fabricator of Pittsburgh Corning FOAMGLASS®. Our financial experience with Insulations, Inc. has been quite positive, with payments on account regularly on time or discounted for early payment. ”

– Owens Corning Corporation

” Sproule Manufacturing Co., Inc. would like to take a moment to thank and commend Insulations, Inc. for your continued support and business over the years. Your company has been purchasing our High Temperature Molded Perlite Fitting Covers and our Pressed Aluminum WeatherJacs for several years, basically since he inception of our company, nearly 30 years ago. Insulation, Inc. has also been providing high quality installations of Sproule products in the many industrial industries such as the petrochemical and power generation industries for many years. The importance of a strong business relationship is perhaps the most valuable ‘business asset’ and we truly feel that we have a very strong business relationship with your company and its many key employees. Your record of paying invoices on time along with the strong attention to detail and follow up has placed your company in a preferred and priority status when the need arises. ”

– Sproule Manufacturing Company, Inc.

” It is important to Carboline to work with reputable contractors that provide quality workmanship and that exhibit fiscal responsibility. Insulations, Inc. has certainly met the criteria that we look for in fireproofing and coatings contractors – knowledgeable supervision, trained applicators, emphasis on quality, and timely invoice payments. Over the past 30 plus years, Carboline and Insulations, Inc. have been coordinating on industrial fireproofing and coatings projects to bring value to general contractors and owners. ”

– Carboline Company

” We are proud and honored to have Insulations, Inc. as a preferred customer since 1978. Insulations, Inc. has a solid reputation for quality installations of our products, both in the USA market and overseas. Their payment record is impeccably clean as they pay invoices within terms and discount most of their invoices. ”

– RPR Products, Inc.

” I would like to take a minute to voice our appreciation to Insulations, Inc. for being such a wonderful customer for the past twenty-five years. I do not know how many thousands of feet our thermal industrial insulation you have installed, but I know it totals millions of dollars and it is a pleasure to acknowledge Insulations, Inc. as a first-rate, quality company. ”

– Howred Corporation


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