Awareness & Protection

Management believes safety can no longer be viewed as a priority that can be ranked in an ever changing order of importance, but must be looked upon as a value that is inherent in every part of our operation. Further we believe our most important assets are our people who perform the work and nothing is more important than their safety and well being.

safety-270In carrying out this policy, it is clear that the only acceptable level of performance is to be incident free on each project every day. We believe this performance level is obtainable with full commitment and diligent effort by each person on our team.

With this in mind, we will empower our supervision and employees to be a catalyst of our safety beliefs and values. They are our first line of defense and no job is so important that recognized hazards should remain uncorrected.

Management is provided with all necessary funds, surveillance and actively support a comprehensive safety and health program. Insulations, Inc. believes the creation of an incident free environment within each project requires a thorough understanding and complete acceptance of the following principles:


  • Employee safety and health, as well as protection of the environment, must be viewed as a value that we adhere to in every facet of our operation.
  • Safety and Health leadership creating an incident free project must exist independent of individual personalities and single objectives.
  • Each and every employee must, regardless of position, accept and wholeheartedly execute their responsibility for Safety and Health.


Before mobilization on the job site, Insulations, Inc. will develop a comprehensive site-specific safety execution plan identifying the hazards associated with the scope of work, and planning systems to mitigate these hazards.

As part of the site safety execution plan, lines of communication between Insulations, Inc. and the client will be established, thus typical problems may be avoided.

Every employee has a responsibility for the safety of others. It begins with us being the product of our corporate culture. It provides everybody we encounter a model to see and follow. Insulations, Inc.’s supervision is a catalyst to our safety goals/visions and hold others accountable for their actions. Management and Supervision “walk the talk” when it comes to safety and use safety as the single most leveraged activity in building an authentic goal/vision for injury-free performance.

Insulations, Inc. is a nationally recognized corporation for leadership and safety. As a result of implementing a comprehensive safety program, Insulations, Inc. has set a clear trend of improved safety throughout our company. Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) has averaged 0.64 over the last eight years. Our workers compensation claims have reduced by over 70%. We believe our employees have an honest commitment to eliminate injuries and achieve our goal of an injury-free workplace.


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