Goals & Objectives

Safety Planning, Goals & Objectives

The first step in developing and implementing a vigorous safety program is to identify strategic goals and the plans required to achieve those goals. Goals for safety are part of Insulations, Inc.’s mission objectives. Safety goals will support overall objectives by helping to keep personnel safe and fit for duty. Strategic planning and goal setting has several benefits.

  • First, by establishing realistic goals and plan(s) the entire organization is oriented in the same direction. Disjointed operations, actions that do not contribute to plan implementation, and goal achievement are controlled and eliminated, reducing waste of limited personnel and resources on nonproductive operations.
  • Second, the process of establishing goals and strategic plans is positive since it brings together all elements of employees. Through working together to identify what is necessary for everyone to support our safety goals and the associated plans, each job element has improved its understanding of its role in safety and how each is essential to promoting overall objectives.
  • Third, by determining the overall strategy, the allocation of resources can be more efficiently managed. Personnel and programs can be applied to those areas with the greatest return.

The project team determines critical success factors, responsibilities, construction methods, processes, goals, and project controls to be executed during the performance of the contracted work. This process results is a Site Specific Safety Execution Plan, which is a living document tailored for each specific project that can be easily accessed, referenced and updated. It contains all project control documents including safety documents referenced in our Safety Manual.

During the job planning process, site specific major activities are identified (scaffolding, fall protection, confined space entry, etc.) which are vital to the success of the project.

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