Project Safety

Project Safety and Health Programs

Insulations, Inc.’s Safety and Health Programs are strictly adhered to. Copies are readily available to all employees and often reviewed during Toolbox Meeting. We understand the effectiveness of our safety process depends upon the participation and cooperation of management and employees. Therefore, we strive to prevent accidents by adhering to the basic goals of our safety program:

  • Plan all work to minimize accidents that may result in personal injury, property damage, and loss of production.
  • Maintain a system for promptly detecting and correcting unsafe practices and conditions.
  • Make available and enforce the use of personal protective equipment and mechanical guards.
  • Maintain an effective system of equipment and tool inspection and maintenance.
  • Investigate all accidents, determine cause, and take necessary corrective action.
  • Coordinate educational programs to maintain interest and cooperation of all levels of employment.

Insulations, Inc. has achieved a Mod Rate of 0.65 by policing and enforcing all OSHA regulations as well as self-imposed rules that go beyond what OSHA requires. All of our project supervisors and foreman are required to attend a supervisor training course prior to be given such duties. Topics included are Safety Leadership, Accident Investigation, First Aid / CPR, Behavioral Based Safety, etc. All supervisors lead by example and must be fluent in both English and Spanish.

Insulations, Inc. also uses outside safety consultants, BMB Loss Prevention, as well as our insurance partners to advise, teach and monitor our jobsites to ensure safety and health of our personnel. We adhere to a Substance Abuse Policy that prohibits the use of drugs, alcohol or other such substances. Employees are randomly tested to ensure that we maintain a drug free workplace.

Seasoned leadership, a shared commitment to taking care of our client’s needs and maintaining respect for one another are an inherent value to Insulations, Inc.’s team and how we perform business.

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